In April 2014, British motorcycle enthusiast Lyndon Poskitt (40) began a project he calls Races2Places, entering races around the world on his customized KTM 690 Rallye. After over five years and 234,000 kilometers in the saddle, he stopped by MOTOREX in Langenthal on his way home. MOTOREX Magazine jumped at the opportunity for an interview.

Lyndon, what stage of Races2Places are you in right now?
The final stage – on my way home! That’s right, I can hardly believe it myself. Right now I’ve dropped in on my favorite lubricant partner MOTOREX; next I’ll pay a visit to Michelin in France.

Why did you start such a big tour in the first place?
At first I had only planned to be on the road for 18 months. But by one year in, it had become clear that I wouldn’t have time to compete in races on every continent. So I passed the days, months, and years in the saddle on my bike. Preparing for my two Dakar Rallies in 2017 and 2018 also took a lot of time.

Did you accomplish what you set out to do?
Yes. In fact the things I experienced exceeded all my expectations.

From a rider’s perspective, what was the most difficult moment for you?
That was when I rode the Dakar for the first time in 2017, starting in the Malle Moto class. In this class you have no crew or service team. You carry your own spare parts. And that’s over a distance of 9000 kilometers! I had clearly exceeded my limits, I was short of sleep and out of shape. That’s why I entered again in 2018, to do everything better (laughs).

Did you ever think of breaking off your trip or staying in one place?
No, not really. Two years ago I met my girlfriend Camilla. At the time she also said I was an adventurer and that I had to wrap up my project of discovering the world on a motorcycle. But somehow I was daunted by Africa. I was tired and hesitant. I was wrong. Africa and those races (Kalahari Rallye 2018/Roof of Africa 2018) were unforgettable highlights.

What did you really miss on the road?
My dear mother’s fine cooking. But also all my bicycles and motorcycles at home in the garage.

What was the happiest moment of your whole journey?
That will be the day I get home to England, the real destination of Races2Places.

What has been your experience with MOTOREX products along the way?
Since I couldn’t carry much with me on my bike, I was glad that MOTOREX products were always available on the market in 90 % of the 74 countries where I traveled. MOTOREX Cross Power 4T 10W/60 viscosity motor oil was the perfect choice for the extreme loads on my KTM. The Chainlube spray (ed.: Chainlube Adventure) is great too.

Do you still swear by KTM?
Yes, definitely. My KTMs (690 Rallye and 450 Rallye) are off-road racing bikes. They’re extremely robust, dependable, and offer a reasonably comfortable ride. That’s essential for long trips.

Do you have plans yet for the future?
Yes, I already have new projects for 2020. I’ll share more about them at EICMA 2019 (Nov. 7 – 10) in Milan.

Thank you for the interview and good luck, Lyndon.