Professional moving of multi-ton machinery is a service in high demand. Compared to previous methods, it’s a service that the Eitzlmayr Sefiro, a self-propelled industrial dolly that works in tandem with a 200-tonne crane, can perform not only faster, but also more gently.

When delicate multi-ton machinery needs to be moved or relocated within a plant, it’s important to keep downtime as brief as possible. Compared to familiar methods such as moving heavy loads on a crawler, Mario Eitzelmayr saw an unrealized opportunity in developing a novel, innovative machine moving concept with many advantages.

«The concept of a self-propelled industrial dolly with a heavy-duty crane is unique in Europe,» explains Mario Eitzlmayr in front of the enormous machine. The system actually consists of two machines: a selfpropelled industrial dolly (the company has two) and a 200-tonne crane. Perfectly matched, the two units can be operated in stationary mode or separately. A hybrid electric/diesel power train gives both machines the ability to operate quietly and on electric power alone, sans exhaust fumes, in enclosed spaces.

Designed for extreme power, the hydraulic system is the real heart of both machines. Hasieber Hydraulik GmbH was responsible for the project’s hydraulic engineering. The company already knew MOTOREX from other successful hydraulic applications and consulted the lubricant specialist in evaluating the pressure fluid. After comparing key figures and requirements, the engineers tested MOTOREX Corex HV 46 hydraulic oil. In the Sefiro, the hydraulic fluid alone transmits and controls power to the four oversized hydraulic cylinders in the lift mechanism, with a lifting capacity of 175 tonnes. In the crane’s hydraulic system some 2300 liters of MOTOREX Corex HV 46 get the job done while remaining stable at all temperatures, displaying constant flow characteristics, and preventing the dreaded stick-slip effect. The result is finely calibrated, millimeter-precision work with multi-ton loads. In even the most ambitious plans for a hydraulic-powered tour de force, MOTOREX is a key component.