Hydraulic machines and tools have revolutionized the mass production of fineblanked parts. To keep downstream machining processes working just as rationally and precisely, Feinstanz AG, based in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland, depends on MOTOREX Swisscool 3000.

Where precisely cut surfaces with a high proportion of straight cuts are needed, it’s time for fineblanking – a specialty of international company Feinstanz AG. With the latest in hydraulic fineblanking presses, Feinstanz manufactures complex, precision-fineblanked and formed parts from various materials in Switzerland. With a workforce of 70, the company processes some 3000 tonnes of strip steel per year – equal to half the weight of the Eiffel Tower.

Production batches start at roughly 40,000 pieces and often range into the millions. Eight fineblanking presses operating at 100 to 700 tonnes of pressure efficiently cut and form sprockets, pawls, thrust washers, pressure plates and much more from strip steel up to 14 millimeters thick. The consistent high precision and productivity of this machining technology is never less than astonishing.

A flawless finish is always part of a perfectly fineblanked and formed part and adds significant value. Feinstanz AG provides downstream processing of fineblanked and formed parts down to the ready-for-installation stage. The company possesses valuable double-surface grinding, honing, cutting, deburring, cleaning/rustproofing, and heat-treating capabilities. Using the right machining fluid is a key factor in double-surface grinding and cutting.

Because Feinstanz AG was seeing heavy foaming, the production manager decided to take a close and critical look at the machining fluid in use. The company hired MOTOREX as an independent lubricant specialist. Following a situation analysis, tests were carried out using high-performance MOTOREX Swisscool 3000. The innovate emulsion’s outstanding results and simplified handling proved compelling.

With the pioneering polymer technology in MOTOREX Swisscool 3000, the various additives work together as a team. Combining their various benefits results in a highly stable emulsion for different cutting processes as well as critical grinding processes, among other advantages. At Feinstanz AG, MOTOREX Swisscool 3000 exhibited the following persuasive improvements:

  • very low foaming
  • good flushing and less fluid discharge on workpieces
  • ideal surface finish
  • extended service life thanks to optimum biostability
  • outstanding protection against corrosion
  • excellent human biocompatibility

Feinstanz AG has earned a place as a sought-after industry partner. The Swiss company accentuates its capabilities in each and every part through an utmost commitment to quality, perfect dimensional conformance, and a brilliant finish.