Bees are hard-working and intelligent. As a group they combine their abilities to accomplish multiple tasks at the same time in a purposeful and highly efficient way. That also applies to the latest high-end Swisscut Decomed HP-X cutting oils. Using the new HSC additive technology doesn’t just enable high and broad-based performance levels to be achieved: beyond that, Swisscut Decomed HP-X also meets current and all foreseeable requirements in terms of process and work safety, notably in medical technology.

In comparison tests under identical process conditions, Swisscut Decomed HP-X achieved up to 30 % higher performance than conventional products. Tool life was also extended. At the same time, volatility loss (the Noack value) was reduced by half. This maintains the fluid level in the machine, measurably reduces consumption and enhances safety.

Combining highly refined, low-volatility base oils with a brand-new additive package results in a very high performance level. MOTOREX’s pioneering HSC (highspeed cutting) technology combines the effects of different additives over an extended period. The cutting fluid’s high air release capability gives it a very low foaming tendency. At the same time, Decomed HP-X reduces friction and protects against corrosion. It also resists oxidation, which has a positive impact on the fluid’s aging characteristics and extends its service life.

The universal versatility of the latest MOTOREX machining fluid generation is the result of Decomed HP-X’s very high performance level. It is ideal for working a wide range of materials such as high-alloy steels, titanium, stainless steel, medical stainless steels and nonferrous metals. It will not stain aluminum or nonferrous metals.

The mild formula of Swisscut Decomed HP-X 10, 15 and 22 is free of aromatic compounds, chlorine, zinc and other undesirable materials. Its composition is in conformity with applicable REACH requirements and with the latest standards of the medical device industry. Human biocompatibility at the highest level has been a standard at MOTOREX for years.

Swisscut Decomed HP-X’s high performance reserves and many benefits ensure excellent process reliability. And all processes can be carried out with one and the same cutting oil. A high flash point is another strong argument for Decomed HP-X. This further improves safety, especially during unmanned shifts.