With Focus QTM SAE 10W/30, MOTOREX is simplifying the complex maintenance demands associated with mixed fleets of construction machinery and trucks. This innovative and versatile motor oil covers a wide range of manufacturer specifications and combines efficiency with cost-effectiveness.

Experts in the workshop are familiar with the complex requirements seen in lubricant management for mixed vehicle fleets. Thanks to MOTOREX QTM 10W/30, the latest motors (Tier 3 and 4, Stage V and Euro 5 and 6) on all hand-operated small appliances, construction machinery with motors up to Stage V, and commercial vehicles up to Euro 6 can be serviced with a single product.

A fuel-saving all-rounder
The low-friction properties of the SAE 10W/30 formulation of Focus QTM (Q for quality, T for total fleet and M for MOTOREX) result in a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 3 % and, as a result, reduced emissions. The use of a low SAE 10W/30 viscosity in connection with additive packages that have been put together according to the latest findings and feature low SAPS technology make Focus QTM a true all-rounder for the construction industry. Fewer motor oil types makes logistics simpler and reduces the risk of mix-ups. Focus QTM has been impressing both Swiss and international construction and logistics companies for several years:

  • Universal use in on-road/off-road heavy-duty applications
  • Simplifies maintenance and logistics
  • Outstanding wear and oxidation protection
  • Fuel economy formulation saves fuel and reduces CO2 emissions
  • Long-life properties for longer oil-change intervals
  • Compatible with Tier 3 to 4 final, and Stage V
  • Suitable for Euro 5 and 6 motors
  • Meets the requirements of smaller motor assemblies
  • Preserves all exhaust after-treatment systems and particle filters
  • Meets the latest requirements set by leading manufacturers of construction machinery and commercial vehicles

Simpler also means more cost-effective
The use of MOTOREX Focus QTM in a mixed fleet dispenses with complex research on the most suitable lubricant. Thanks to its excellent value for money, fuel savings and simplification of maintenance work, MOTOREX Focus QTM has been a huge success for years at companies that focus on cost-effectiveness. Try out MOTOREX oil today!

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What our customers say

Tom Meier, Operation Centre Manager, Marti AG, Bern: «We have a large and extremely mixed fleet of machinery. With Focus QTM SAE 10W/30, we can comply with the wide range of standards set by all the brands. The fleet oil really lives up to its name.»

Luis Pinto, Workshop Manager, Orllati SA, Bioley-Orjulaz: «Focus QTM from MOTOREX has allowed us to significantly simplify the maintenance of the entire machinery and truck fleet, both in the workshop and at construction sites.»

Gernot Thiel and Stefan Bliem, shop manager and CEO, Reparaturcenter im Lungau, St. Michael im Lungau, Austria: «As an independent shop for trucks and construction and farming equipment, we appreciate how many manufacturer's approvals specifications FOCUS QTM meets. That gives us and our customers a sense of security and simplifies inventories.»

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