MOTOREX has expanded its CLEAN & CARE range, maintaining the same rigorous standards upheld in its research on high-end lubricants. This makes CLEAN & CARE the car maintenance technology of choice for car enthusiasts and professional workshops. The three new colour-coded product lines are a shining example of innovative formulas and impressive quality with visible results. The time-saving deep clean achieves long-lasting protection and removes stubborn patches of dirt. The result is a mirror-like finish for improved safety, a sparkling gleam all around the vehicle and a hygienic freshness inside.

The new CLEAN & CARE lines are the latest addition to the MOTOREX range of advanced care and cleaning products. The range unites the expertise and technology from a century of quality Swiss workmanship with the latest findings from research and development. Its powerful performance really comes into its own wherever a fast, thorough and long-lasting clean is required – even under the toughest conditions. Whether it's a regular car, a vintage vehicle or a lorry, the active ingredients provide long-lasting cleaning and protection for any vehicle and are more user-friendly and efficient than ever before.

The fresh product design in three colours indicates the respective areas of use, with blue standing for a clear view, yellow for exterior cleaning and green for freshening up your vehicle interior. The active ingredients in the high-tech formulas really pack a punch while at the same time being gentle enough to provide protection, helping to preserve the value of your vehicle. CLEAN & CARE is all about making vehicle care fun: fast, easy, superb.

BLUE line – for a safer, clearer view
MOTOREX GLASS CLEANER provides a streak-free, clear view for car windows and rear-view mirrors. It is now also available as a foam spray with the following major benefits: the spray can also be used upside down in hard-to-reach areas. The clearly visible foam can be sprayed right where you want it and won't run off, even on vertical surfaces. This makes cleaning easier as well as saving foam and time.

The active cleaning formula removes even the toughest patches of dirt and oil and silicone streaks on windscreens. One wipe gives you a long-lasting crystal-clear view. The glass cleaner is available in a spray can or bottle and creates a clean, water-repellent finish on any glass surface on your car, at home or in the office. The biodegradable spray also has a pleasantly fresh fragrance.

ICE FREE is the reliable «ice-breaker» from the CLEAN & CARE range. It immediately thaws even the most iced-up windows and prevents the treated windows and mirrors from icing up again. Applied carefully, ICE FREE can prevent the build-up of ice overnight. For anyone who prefers ten seconds of spraying over ten minutes of scraping.                                                                                

GREEN line – for lasting freshness and hygiene inside your vehicle
INTERIOR CLEAN brings a new hygienic freshness to the upholstery, seats and roof inside your vehicle. The odour absorber ensures a pleasant fresh feel, while the deep-cleaning active foam with powerful cleaning molecules effortlessly provides a long-lasting clean in no time at all. INTERIOR CLEAN prevents dirt from accumulating again quickly. The foam is suitable for use on any surface, including fabrics, plastics, leather and rubber – even in the home.

COCKPIT CARE is the formula one for all interior and exterior plastic parts. Antistatic and dust- and stain-resistant, this product cleans and protects fittings and controls. Carnauba wax seals the surfaces with an attractive sheen. This cockpit care product makes your car look as good as new, revitalising the colour and providing long-lasting protection against the build-up of more dust. Here's a secret tip: the product also works on domestic items like garden furniture and varnished wood.

YELLOW line – a top-to-bottom clean for your vehicle
With its new active gel formula, WHEEL CLEANER removes dirt from wheel rims quickly and efficiently. The strongly adherent gel can be applied easily and economically from any angle (360°) – even on hard-to-reach areas. The new acid-free WHEEL CLEANER active gel rapidly removes brake dust, rust and road dirt from steel and alloy wheel rims.

INSECT CLEANER removes stubborn patches of dirt such as insects, tar and resin thanks to its highly effective cleaning formula – a convenient and time-saving technology. Once it gets to work, the dirt comes off all by itself. It cleans your car's radiator grille, bumpers, headlights and windscreen wipers in no time at all. For best results, treat your car with INSECT CLEANER before the main wash.

Founded in 1917, the BUCHER-MOTOREX Group is today one of the mainstays of the Swiss automotive and motor vehicle industry. The company has also made a name for itself in motor sport as a sponsor and developer of high-end lubricants. Based in Langenthal in the Swiss canton of Bern, BUCHER-MOTOREX specialises in innovative and premium-quality lubricants, MOTOREX care and cleaning products for the vehicle sector, industrial lubricants and, with MOTOREX-TOPTECH AG, the sale and assembly of workshop equipment. The Group has its own sales organisations in Germany, Sweden, Austria and France. It is a family-owned joint-stock company with over 300 employees.