Asked why Mälarlift uses MOTOREX for its over 700 hoists, Simon Burenfjäll answered, “I found the MOTOREX solution compelling because it offered practical value.” Mälarlift’s shop manager and founder’s son was evaluating replacements for its previous hydraulic oil. MOTOREX made its case by offering the right product along with a collaborative partnership.

As an avid enduro rider, Simon Burenfjäll was familiar with MOTOREX from the world of motorcycles. A visit to MOTOREX’s Swedish website convinced him that, with over 100 years of experience and 3500 products, the company was a potential lubricant supplier for Mälarlift.

Mälarlift is a family business founded by Eskil Burenfjäll in Västerås (100 kilometers west of Stockholm) in 1984. The company originally rented out a single hoist. It grew over the years and today, with over 700 hoists for rent and branches in Uppsala, Gävle and Stockholm, it is a major player in the industry. Hoists are mainly rented to construction and service companies. Mälarlift offers a broad selection of lift platforms, scissor lifts, hydraulic lifts, tail lifts, crawler chassis, and telescopic handlers. For all the variety of these practical work machines, they all have one thing in common: hydraulics.

«Once machines have been rented out, customers often keep them for extended periods,» Simon Burenfjäll explains. This means a hoist has to be in perfect condition before it’s handed over to the customer following extensive training. Extreme weather conditions can make operations in Sweden especially difficult. At very low temperatures it is not always possible to determine the ideal quantity of fluid for hydraulic functions. This drove Mälarlift to critically examine the hydraulic fluid the company had been using. Exposed to wind and weather, hydraulic equipment is expected to remain functional at all times at system temperatures ranging from −40 °C to +100 °C.

Both technical and economic criteria were considered when evaluating the new hydraulic oil. Ultimately MOTOREX offered the best solution in zinc-free Core HVLP-D ZF 32, with its excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics. The product remains fluid down to −40 °C, a deciding factor for Mälarlift. A further criterion was the ability to supply the entire fleet with one and the same hydraulic fluid under extended service intervals. With expert advice and informative comparison testing, MOTOREX provided a persuasive basis for Mälarlift’s decision. At all times the focus was on absolute customer satisfaction – including that of end users, Mälarlift’s own customers. The result is something to be proud of.