The march of technology in forestry equipment is unmistakable. In the old days trees were felled by hand and horses were used to drag out the timber. But today this high-risk work is mostly done by innovative machines handled by experts.

Wood has always been the most important renewable resource on our planet and still is today. Nearly 4.5 million cubic meters of wood is harvested each year in Switzerland, including two million cubic meters of coniferous logs. Whether in Scandinavia, Russia or Canada, millions of cubic meters of timber is cut each year worldwide. Logging equipment uses sophisticated technology and is growing steadily more powerful. For example, modern machines have GPS systems that record precisely when and where the timber was harvested. Cut length can be programmed down to the centimeter. This information and much more is required to obtain various certifications and follows the wood through to its ultimate use.

Mechanization is essential for remaining competitive in the forestry and lumber industry. Saplings on wood plantations, for example, are planted by machine; once grown, the rough timber is cut mechanically using harvesters. Driven by cost pressures, the time needed to harvest one cubic meter of timber has dropped by a factor of eight in the past 30 years. A harvester can process roughly 25 cubic meters of coniferous timber per hour. Keeping damage to a minimum as it moves through the forest, it uses a built-in chainsaw to quickly cut trees even on slopes of up to 60° with no risk to the operator. Next the trunks are quickly delimbed and, depending on where they are being harvested, transported through the forest to the loading point by a yarder or forwarder.

Keeping this sophisticated technology working reliably requires a wide range of lubricants and operating fluids. MOTOREX has understood the needs of professional forestry operations since its own earliest days in business. Back in 1917 it was hoof grease and leather dressing for brawny workhorses; today MOTOREX offers a complete assortment of products for every type of forestry equipment. Several manufacturers (Gremo, Eco-Log, Malwa, etc.) take advantage of the Swiss producer’s expertise and fill their machines with MOTOREX hydraulic fluids at the factory. Whether it’s rapid biodegradability, versatility or a formula tailored precisely to the manufacturer’s specifications, MOTOREX has just the right product for every need. Together with a range of services (lab analysis, lubrication schedules, advising, etc.), this gives forestry businesses an ideal foundation for operating efficiently and economically.

In many types of forestry equipment, complex hydraulic systems under high pressures (up to 350 bar) perform strenuous tasks for hours at a time in every season. The hydraulic fluid is subjected to high stresses in extreme cold and heat. Forestry experts turn to rapidly biodegradable, highly environmentally friendly and long-lasting Oekosynt Hees (Hydraulic Environmental Ester Synthetic) hydraulic fluid. The biofluid has been successfully tested in the lab by hydraulics specialist Bosch Rexroth and in the field in collaboration with leading machine manufacturers.

Once the day’s work is done, it’s time to clean and rustproof the equipment. Anyone who has ever tried to remove tree resin without the right cleaner will know what we’re talking about... MOTOREX Resin Cleaner works great and even removes dried-on resin residues on machines and tools. Cleaners and sprays round out the product range.