Many automatic transmissions feature so-called “lifetime fluid”. But after millions of gear shifts, wear and shear forces have a negative impact on the fluid and in turn impair the functioning of the transmission itself. Changing the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) sometimes works wonders. The MOTOREX Dynco flushing device performs your fluid changes – quickly and fully automatically.

In automatic gearboxes, ATF transmits the forces of the clutch/gear-change process. Increasingly, the action is assisted by an electric motor connected to the gears, generating additional power and heat. This can result in enormous torque values of up to 900 Nm. Where previous automatic transmissions had just a few speeds, today eight or more gear ratios are common. This allows the engine to operate in the optimum RPM range while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. These developments have led to significantly higher demands on the automatic transmission fluid (ATF). Based on the experience of recent years, it is recommended to flush the transmission fluid every 80 – 120 thousand kilometers (observe manufacturer’s specifications).

Simply draining and refilling, as was once commonplace, is not enough to replace the entire volume of transmission fluid. Up to 70 % of the fluid can remain in the torque converter, gearbox, hoses and ATF cooler. In addition, not all modern transmissions have a removable oil pan, meaning the transmission needs to be partially removed to replace the ATF filter.

With the MOTOREX Dynco system, the entire fluid volume is replaced with fresh ATF by means of a flushing process using the oil cooler connections on the outside of the transmission assembly, for example. MOTOREX Pre-Flush Additive is injected into the old ATF to dissolve and remove deposits, ensuring top cleaning performance.

MOTOREX has been holding frequent automatic transmission fluid flush days for customers in recent months. Professional visitors – mostly repair shop owners – attend a seminar to learn key information about automatic and dual-clutch transmissions and the roles performed by automatic transmission fluid. Attendees experience live servicing with the MOTOREX Dynco flushing device and can ask practical questions.

The MOTOREX Dynco flushing device is suitable for automatic and dual-clutch transmissions with lubricant circulation for all vehicle makes. It automatically replaces precisely the fluid volume contained in the transmission. Other work can be performed during the flushing process. Advantages of the MOTOREX Dynco flushing process:

  • highly user-friendly
  • automatic flow direction detection
  • universal, usable in automatic and DCT transmissions
  • intuitive menu-based controls in 5 languages
  • pre-programmed for all MOTOREX automatic transmission fluids
  • easy injection of flushing and cleaning additives
  • adapters for all common vehicle makes
  • fully automated flushing process
  • clean handling of fluids in 25-l containers


What does Dynco mean?
Dynco is short for “Dynamic Fluid Controller”. The abbreviation refers to the fully automated flush process which fills the transmission with precisely the right volume of fresh lubricant.

Does the device have to be plugged in?
No. The device is designed for mobile use and can be operated by connecting it to the vehicle’s 12-volt battery.

Does the flushing device have a pump?
Yes. The pump is controlled automatically based on the lubricant’s viscosity curve and the pump pressure of the transmission pump.

About how long does a transmission fluid flush take?
Actually replacing the entire ATF system contents (10 – 15 liters) takes three to five minutes. In addition the flush program – launched automatically when a special additive is added – takes another ten minutes.

How do I find the precise fluid quantity for each vehicle type?
The information can be found in the vehicle-specific maintenance documentation, or online in the MOTOREX Oil Finder.

Where are the fresh fluid and the pumped-out spent fluid located?
At the back of the device. There is room for a 25-liter fresh fluid canister plus 20 liters of spent fluid.

When is the flushing additive added to the transmission?
The flushing additive is injected into the transmission fluid automatically before the flushing process. This transforms the spent ATF into a flushing oil and efficiently removes deposits, eliminating the need for a separate flushing fluid. As a result, only the original system fill volume needs to be replaced, yielding significant cost savings compared to other systems.

Does MOTOREX have the recommended ATF available?
MOTOREX’s transmission fluid range covers currently serviced automatic transmissions as well as up to seven-speed DCTs. All future lubricants are already pre-programmed into current Dynco devices with their original viscosity curves.

How do I get a MOTOREX Dynco device?
Your MOTOREX representative will be glad to advise you on any questions you may have about transmission fluid flushing.

More information about MOTOREX Dynco: