The hydraulics in snow groomers are becoming ever more complex. New zinc-free multi-range low-temperature MOTOREX Alpine Motion HV 46 hydraulic fluid means clear trails for increasingly powerful hydraulic systems.

MOTOREX chemists see the development of the new Alpine Motion HV 46 hydraulic oil as a generational shift. The new hydraulic fluid is MOTOREX’s response to the increasingly complex hydraulics of snow groomers, snow blowers and other types of alpine equipment.

Alpine Motion HV 46 combines top-notch base oils with the latest zinc-free additives, guaranteeing outstanding lubricant performance under a wide range of conditions. Like its predecessor product Alpine Granat HV 515, the hydraulic oil can be used in all current mobile and stationary hydraulic systems. The new hydraulic fluid is especially well suited for hydraulic systems that are often exposed to wide temperature fluctuations. Alpine Motion HV 46 also provides very good protection against wear and hydrolytic resistance for mobile machinery and equipment such as snow groomers and blowers, as well as for excavators, wheel loaders and other vehicles.

«We set ourselves a clear goal during our long-term development process for Alpine Motion HV 46. The lubricant had to keep up with the ever-increasing demands that future generations will place on hydraulic systems and allow a long component service life. And we succeeded!» Chemist and project manager, MOTOREX Research & Development

The benefits of the new hydraulic oil are based on an innovative additive technology that enabled MOTOREX to improve many of the lubricant’s qualities. Alpine Motion HV 46 is easier to filter, always an advantage for control units such as servo and proportional valves. «Beyond that, the above-average air release and ideal foaming characteristics reduce cavitation and oxidation effects to a minimum,» declares MOTOREX’s chemist project manager. The innovative formula also prevents water pockets. If small quantities of moisture get into the system, they are bound in the oil where they can do no harm. Not least, Alpine Motion HV 46 is hydrolytically stable and oxidation-resistant, guaranteeing long oil service intervals.

With all its qualities, Alpine Motion HV 46 is now available for use in a versatile range of applications. It has been tested for compatibility with widely sold mineral oil-based HVLP-D hydraulic oils in like-new condition and can be safely combined with them.