The high-performance yet exceptionally environmentally friendly ECOSYNT HEPR hydraulic oils are a very popular choice. This is hardly surprising, as the ease with which this high-performance hydraulic oil biodegrades brings additional benefits that the construction industry no longer wants to do without. This is why the ISO VG 32 and ISO VG 37 viscosities will be joining ECOSYNT HEPR 46 as part of the MOTOREX product range. While it is strictly speaking the viscosities that are new, ECOSYNT 37 has characteristics and specifications that open up a new area of application.


The high-performance and highly shear-stable hydraulic oil is precisely designed to meet the increased performance requirements of LIEBHERR™ hydraulic components in mobile harbour, offshore and marine cranes. However, other uses are also possible if the system allows it. In close proximity to water, constantly exposed to salinity and moisture, both biodegradability and outstanding corrosion protection are required. The zinc-free additives guarantee maximum reliability of lubrication and excellent shear stability at both high and very low operating temperatures. The hydraulic oil’s electrical conductivity provides additional safety benefits. This prevents dangerous static oil build-up due to internal friction in the hydraulic system. The extremely fast air release of ECOSYNT HEPR 37 makes it ideally suited for use in large hydraulic systems with high loads. It meets the strict LIEBHERR BASIC-LEVEL LH-00-HYC standard as well as the Swedish Standard SS 15 54 34 and is therefore considered an environmentally friendly hydraulic oil (EAL).



In cases where manufacturers specify that an ISO VG 32 viscosity is required for operating hydraulic equipment, MOTOREX offers a solution. As a general rule, the specifications recommended by the manufacturer must be observed to ensure that systems work as they should. All ECOSYNT HEPR hydraulic oils are easily biodegradable (EAL) in accordance with OECD 301 B, high-performance, compatible with materials, hydrolytically stable and can be used for a long time (long-life). These positive characteristics are also what makes ECOSYNT HEPR 32 stand out, especially in cold temperatures.

Switching to an ECOSYNT HEPR hydraulic oil is a simple process thanks to its compatibility with a broad range of materials and high tolerance for tramp oil. The MOTOREX technical customer service team will give you all the assistance you need to make the transition.


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