Around five million tonnes of petroleum are produced worldwide each year. Less than 1% of this – or 50 million tonnes – is used for industrial lubrication purposes, following extensive refinery processes. Our wide range of MOTOREX LUBRICANTS has the right product for any application. Our customer MVS, based in Soltau, Germany, demonstrates the extent to which various different sectors overlap.

Metallverarbeitung Schlodt GmbH (MVS) has relied on our industrial lubricants for many years. MVS specialises in manufacturing customer-specific workpieces for plant and mechanical engineering, the food industry and custom motor sport designs.


To ensure that everything runs without a hitch, our SWISSCOOL UX 440, water-miscible cooling lubricant cools and lubricates during machining operations carried out on state-of-the-art machine tools. Contract manufacturers have to deal with a range of materials and processes every day. Universality is a top priority – and this is where SWISSCOOL UX 440 comes into its own. Our POWER CLEAN, TOOL GUARD and INTACT MX 50 sprays provide the cleaning, care and protective qualities your tool holders and moving parts need.

Managing Director, Stefan Schlodt, and Production Manager Henrik Harms are both keen racing bike riders. Whilst Mr Schlodt is more of a MOTO GUZZI fan, Mr Harms recently opted for a limited edition KTM model. With just 200 units made, the RC 8C 2023 was developed and built by KTM and KRÄMER MOTORCYCLES.

Why would it be any different? Naturally, MOTOREX oil also flows through the heart of the KTM. The motorbike was developed exclusively for racing tracks, and our RACING PRO 4T was made with precisely these sorts of uses in mind.