Many of the attractions to be found at a world-leading bicycle trade fair such as Eurobike revolve around new products and trends. The overarching theme, however, is pure fascination for bicycles and their technology. And this was on display for all to experience live at the MOTOREX stand: Taking some of the finest components on the market, Max Schwarzwälder of Paul Lange/Shimano built a top-class downhill/enduro bike before the fans’ very eyes. YouTube star Gee Milner filmed the action for his Dream Build channel.

No doubt every grown kid would like to assemble something out of building sets like this: When Gee Milner embarks on a new bike and video project, he starts out by neatly lining up all the individual parts alongside each other. And what parts these are: each a feast for the eyes, a technical treat. It’s no accident that Milner’s YouTube channel – where he lets bike aficionados take part in well-versed high-end tinkering – is entitled «Dream Build». Not only does he document the building of dreamlike bikes on his channel, but he has also developed a nearly meditative aesthetic of his own.

Dream Build has long since emerged as a generic term for composing and meticulously assembling bikes using top-flight components. At Eurobike 2023, which was held in Frankfurt in June, visitors, bikers and dreamers all had an opportunity to experience a highlight such as this, live and in person. MOTOREX had invited Max Schwarzwälder of the Technical Customer Service Department of Stuttgart-based wholesaler Paul Lange and furnished him with «worthy» components along with the top products from the MOTOREX Bike Line workshop range. Gee Milner recorded the building of the dream bike for the aforementioned YouTube channel.

The key component: a frame created by MTB inventor and pioneer Brent Foes, expertly finished in typical MOTOREX green by Cycleworks, the Swiss importer. The name, «FOES Mixer», stems from the fact that the frame geometry coordinates with front and rear wheels of different sizes. The higher front axle makes it easier to lift the bike to clear obstacles while allowing the rider to put more weight on the front wheel – as has always been the case with off-road motorcycles. The MOTOREX Dream Build has a 29-inch Reynolds Black Label 309/307 carbon wheel in the fork and a 27.5-inch wheel in the swing arm. The wheels of the carbon pioneer roll with the Schwalbe Tacky Chan – perhaps the world’s fastest downhill tyre – which celebrated its première at this year’s trade fair.

But let’s start at the beginning: As a throng of fascinated spectators looked on, Max Schwarzwälder first installed a headset by Chris King, fitted upon a FOX Factory 36 fork. Always on hand as one of the MOTOREX Bike’s best buddies: ANTI SEIZE assembly paste for metal and aluminium connections, for everything that is pressed in, and for all bolt connections. Of course Max also used MOTOREX ANTI SEIZE when inserting the FOX Transfer Dropper Post.

The Factory DHX2 shock is also made by FOX; for the stem, Schwarzwälder and MOTOREX rely on absolutely exclusive parts by Yoshimura Cycling. As for the 35 x 810-millimetre Hayes ProTaper Carbon handlebar with 1-inch rise, the «dream builder» fitted it with ODI Vans Lock-On Grips featuring the classic «Vans Waffle» design, which were also shown for the first time at the trade fair.

But now to go where the power is transmitted: Max installed the Shimano XTR 12-speed cassette with another helping of ANTI SEIZE, using the handy brush to spread it accurately around the cassette sprocket. For the Shimano XTR crankset, he reached for the BIKE GREASE GUN. With the handy grease gun – filled this time with MOTOREX BIKE GREASE – he was able to reach even inaccessible spots, thanks to the long dosing nozzle. He also used BIKE GREASE to grease the threads of the exclusive Yoshimura pedals.