Whether it’s a mountain bike, road bike, e-bike or trekking bike: anyone who cycles enjoys being out and about in nature and understands that a healthy environment is to be cherished. That’s why MOTOREX is designing its “Bikes’ Best Buddies” – its BIKE LINE lubricants and care products – to be even more environmentally friendly. Almost all of these products are already biodegradable. Now the company is taking the logical next step by introducing packaging that is made entirely of recycled material and can be recycled in turn.

A sustainable mindset and actions have always been a top priority at MOTOREX. As a manufacturer of technical chemical products, the Swiss company is all the more aware of its impact on the environment. The traditional brand is fully committed to taking the interests of future generations and the environment into account.

Biodegradable products have therefore been a cornerstone of the company’s strategy for decades. Thanks to its strong commitment to research and development, MOTOREX creates lubricants and care products that meet the highest technical requirements whilst offering a more sustainable option. It should be noted that nowadays, rapidly biodegradable products are at least equal, if not superior, to conventional products in terms of their technical reliability and service life. After all, the family-run company, which has been in the business for more than 100 years, does not make any compromises: outstanding product quality is considered key to the company’s success and remains non-negotiable.

MOTOREX ECOSYNT HEES hydraulic oils, which are based on renewable raw materials, are proof of what environmentally compatible products can do. They last around five times as long as mineral oil-based ones. This saves huge quantities of resources. MOTOREX adopts the same philosophy when it comes to its BIKE LINE bicycle care range. It consists almost entirely of biodegradable products and is sure to impress thanks to its excellent quality, making it the ideal solution for mountain bikes, road bikes, everyday bikes, pedelecs and e-bikes that are subject to heavy use. As they are clearly labelled as biodegradable, they can be immediately identified as environmentally friendly products.

Now MOTOREX is taking the next logical step and making the packaging as environmentally friendly as its contents: Around 70% of the care and lubricating products are now made of 100% recycled material - and can be recycled again after emptying.

An advantage of this is that cyclists can return the empty packaging to a special waste collection point, for instance, thereby ensuring that the material remains part of a closed loop and is reused for other products. Recycling is therefore an important step towards a circular economy that will eventually sustain itself without the need for new raw materials wherever possible.

MOTOREX is switching its products in the CLEAN, CARE  and LUBE  categories to sustainable packaging with immediate effect. Refillable and reusable solutions that significantly reduce waste have already been in use for the WORKSHOP  range for some time now. This is because MOTOREX is continuously building on its sustainability efforts in order to conserve and protect natural resources for future generations.


CHECKBOX: What does rapid biodegradability mean?

Most current products – and now also packaging – in the BIKE LINE range from MOTOREX carry the eco-labels BIO degradable, BIO OECD 301 B and BIO OECD 302. What do these abbreviations stand for?

BIO degradable basically means that microorganisms can break the material in question down to its elementary components such as carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and other minerals.

Biodegradable products marked with the OECD 301 test seal followed by the letter A to F are completely and rapidly biodegradable under natural conditions in the presence of oxygen. The letter after the standard indicates the method or test used to measure biodegradability. B stands for the carbon dioxide evolution test – this is used for poorly water-soluble, non-volatile substances. BIO OECD 301 B is used to identify products that have biodegraded by more than 60% within 28 days.

The OECD 302 B test series, on the other hand, identifies water-soluble, non-volatile, filterable substances whose ingredients are partially biodegradable. Unlike in the case of standard 301, biodegradation is not caused by oxygen in the environment, but by aerobic processes inherent to the product itself.

The biodegradability of BIKE LINE products is of great importance for the environment: Traces of care products and lubricants inevitably end up in the natural environment and surface water as a result of cycling. Even if these are small quantities, conventional products require considerably more time and oxygen to break down, meaning that the soil and water remain contaminated for longer.

By using environmentally safe BIKE LINE products, cyclists ensure that they leave no residue behind, meaning that the cyclists who follow are also able to enjoy nature and the cycle route to the fullest.