In construction machines, hydraulic oil is placed under constant pressure to perform. In the quickly biodegradable hydraulic oil ECOSYNT HEPR 46, MOTOREX combines strong performance with an outstanding level of environmental friendliness – a recipe for success that builds on positive characteristics such as high hydrolytic stability and exceptional air release. 

Working with biodegradable hydraulic oils offers distinct advantages, especially in environmentally sensitive areas of application, such as in and around bodies of water. However, it is not at all desirable for water to enter the hydraulic system. Water can get into the hydraulic oil from outside via moisture in the air, even in spite of effective hydraulic component sealing. If the hydraulic oil does not react with water or only reacts very slowly, this is known as high hydrolytic stability.


ECOSYNT HEPR 46 releases air at least 20% faster than standard hydraulic oils. This has multiple benefits, especially with regard to safety. Modern construction machines in particular tend to have rather small hydraulic oil tanks. This limits the amount of time that the oil can settle, cool and release air from the system. The HEPR formulation’s quick air release effectively prevents an increase in volume of the system contents as well as the formation of heat-trapping air bubbles and a resulting increase in temperature. Not only does this keep hydraulic oil temperatures low, it also prevents the dreaded “diesel effect” which causes air bubbles in the oil to combust explosively and can lead to damage. The excellent air release performance also optimises foaming behaviour and prevents compressibility of the hydraulic oil, as air in hydraulic oil is known to be unsuitable for transmitting power and may lead to a sudden drop in viscosity. The quick air release of ECOSYNT HEPR 46 is therefore crucial both for the efficiency of the hydraulic system and for safe working conditions.