We are thrilled to announce an exclusive opportunity to gain unprecedented insights into the world of Hard Enduro racing as we sit down with none other than the reigning champion himself, Mani Lettenbichler, alongside his father and mechanic, Andreas Lettenbichler.

In this captivating interview, the Lettenbichler duo will delve deep into their unique bond, uncovering the secrets behind their shared triumphs and the unparalleled determination that has propelled Mani to the pinnacle of the sport. The 2022 season in particular is predestined to show what Mani is made of. From missing the start of the season due to injury to winning the World Championship title in the last race, it was a season full of emotional stories that Mani and Andreas share with us.

Andreas Lettenbichler, a legendary figure in the Hard Enduro realm, will shed light on the intricacies of being a father, mentor, and mechanic to Mani, and compares the challenges during his active career with those of today. This conversation will offer enthusiasts a chance to learn about the teamwork, motivation, and shared enjoyment of Enduro that lies at the heart of their inspiring story.

Join us as we unlock the strategies, training regimes, and technical insights that have helped Mani Lettenbichler conquer the most treacherous terrains and secure his place in the annals of Hard Enduro history. Discover the essence of their success, gain a glimpse into the life of a champion, and gather invaluable lessons that extend far beyond the racecourse.