CEO Edi Fischer has been shaping MOTOREX as both a company and a brand for 20 years. Under his leadership, this successful Swiss family enterprise has evolved into an internationally recognised manufacturer of lubricants and cleaners.

In early 2003, the family behind the business hired Edi Fischer, laying the foundations for taking the company forwards in keeping with the spirit of its founders – including in the long term – and making it fit for the future on a sustainable basis. A qualified engineer, Schwyz-born Fischer held a leading role in the international Unilever group before becoming Chief Executive Officer at MOTOREX in 2007.

He has since used his considerable entrepreneurial drive to propel the company into the future, one step at a time. Thanks to his vision, his resolute focus on customers and quality, his constant pursuit of technological leadership and his efforts to ensure a consistently high level of advisory expertise, MOTOREX has become the established leader in the Swiss market under Edi Fischer’s guidance over the last 20 years, as well as establishing itself as a player on the international scene.

MOTOREX now has its own companies in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Poland, France and the US and sells lubricants and cleaning/care products in over 90 countries worldwide. With its own production facility and a global sales and logistics network, it can guarantee stability and reliability of supply for its customers even in times of crisis.

Edi Fischer works hard on a daily basis to ensure the firm’s core values are upheld and actively lived out. As a sustainable employer, MOTOREX also takes its social and environmental responsibility seriously and is committed to providing safe and attractive jobs. Over the past 20 years, its workforce has doubled from 200 and to almost 400.

Edi Fischer’s 20th anniversary as CEO of MOTOREX is a milestone in the company’s story of success. The MOTOREX team would like to congratulate him and offer him our sincere thanks for his tireless commitment and outstanding service to the company and his colleagues.