Industrial manufacturing is full of time-consuming processes that are still carried out “by hand“. True to the spirit of Industry 4.0, process fluid management automation is the logical next step. With its FLUIDLYNX all-in-one solution, MOTOREX is filling an ongoing gap in the metalworking industry for more automation. The discussion with Marcel Herzog, Team Leader Large Parts Machining at Gressel AG Clamping Technology, shows that the MOTOREX Solution can significantly increase efficiency and sustainability.

Mr Herzog, could you give us a brief overview of the area in which Gressel AG operates?
Switzerland's Gressel AG has been working in the field of workpiece clamping technology for almost 100 years now. Our range of services spans consulting, engineering, manufacturing and after-sales support – all with the highest level precision and in the best Swiss quality. Our know-how, state-of-the-art technology and drive to stay ahead of the times make Gressel AG a leading workpiece clamping technology player.

You work with MOTOREX processing fluids. What factors did you consider when choosing this product?
The cooling lubricant should be designed for universal use. It is extremely important that we can rely on constant conditions for processing all materials. We also want the cooling lubricant have a long shelf life. This is the only way for us to ensure optimum process security.

What are your goals when it comes to process fluid management automation?
Our main goal is to generate cost savings and thereby increase the profitability of our operations. But we were also looking to introduce automatic cooling lubricant refilling and to free up employee time.

You reference economic advantages in particular. Has using the MOTOREX solution also had an impact on sustainability?
The solution allows us to be more sustainable, i.e. environmentally friendly, by generally allowing us to cut down on the amount of concentrate we use and reducing waste due to the longer service life. We are seeing savings of 10-15 % compared to the prior solution.

What experiences have you had with MOTOREX in terms of job quality?
The engine room stays clean. Employee workload has been significantly reduced, giving them more time for other activities. Chemical additives are also not needed to combat mould and bacteria, which is why there is a very low risk of skin irritation.

How do employees benefit from automation?
Employees no longer have to worry about coolants. They can be sure that everything is working as it should. They know that the tank is always filled to the right level and that there is no heat transfer on the cutting edge due to cold, fresh emulsion. Parameters such as pH value and concentration are always in the desired range, which leads to optimally processing and less wear on tools.

Would you recommend MOTOREX to a partner company in the industry?
Yes, I genuinely would. Thanks to FLUIDLYNX by MOTOREX, we are perfectly equipped for the future. 


Thank you for the insightful conversation.

Marcel Herzog
Team Leader Large Parts Processing

Schützenstrasse 25
8355 Aadorf