Ueli Andrist, the Workshop Manager at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) in Windisch, was on the lookout for a solution to issues with water-miscible cooling lubricants. He found what he was looking for in the combination of COOLANTLYNX and the measuring device FLUIDLYNX from MOTOREX. The introduction of the system was exciting for both sides and proved to be a great success.

Around 4,500 people study, research and work on the FHNW Brugg-Windisch Campus. The Pedagogical Institute, the University for Technology and the School of Business hold training and continuing education events here.

Ueli Andrist manages the FHNW’s on-site workshop. When looking for a solution to problems with cooling lubricants, the Workshop Manager had a clear vision: it had to be a smart system that offered him and his team maximum benefits. The decision was made to go for the COOLANTLYNX combined with the FLUIDLYNX measuring device, the clean, self-contained metal working fluid solution from MOTOREX.

The teams from FHNW and MOTOREX collaborated closely on the essentially faultless installation. Only the tank sizes with a capacity of 120 to 750 litres proved to be a challenge. Three machines were fitted with different pumps.

If you look closely, this professional Solution also bears the hallmark of the FHNW and its staff: Piping, screw connections, etc. are neatly crafted and fit perfectly with the overall look. After the usual initial necessary adjustments, the system at the FHNW runs around the clock, smoothly and autonomously.

All objectives were achieved, such as a people-centric design, time savings, constant quality of cooling water, centralised control of the solution and the production machines. Whether the cooling water will be able to remain in use for longer remains to be seen in early 2023. First experiences with the MOTOREX Solution make Ueli Andrist and his team confident that this goal will also be achieved.

Ueli Andrist
Head of Workshop FHNW Windisch
(right in the picture)