The global economy has been struggling with supply bottlenecks for over two years. This has also affected the lubricants industry, including MOTOREX. Both in May and in September 2021, a letter addressing this issue was sent to you. Owing to the war in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed by the western world on Russia and Belarus, the supply situation is unlikely to return to normal in the foreseeable future. On the contrary, there will probably be further and more pronounced bottlenecks and disruptions.

MOTOREX does not source any raw materials (base oils or additives) from Russia. However, we cannot conclusively determine the extent to which the upstream suppliers for our 700 or so base chemicals rely on gas or oil from Russia. Undoubtedly, those MOTOREX competitors who are heavily dependent on Russian suppliers will now look for new sources of supply.

Our very large tank storage capacities and additional rented warehouses have enabled us to increase our stocks over the last few months. These efforts have helped us to maintain our ability to deliver at a reasonably good level. Needless to say, the coming months will continue to be characterised by the same approach.

Please be assured that we will do everything in our power to comprehensively supply our established customers with all the needed lubricants and maintain quality without compromise.