MOTOREX AG remains an independent Swiss family-owned company with operations around the world; something that Mathias Marti, Business Unit Manager Industrial Lubrication Technology, Member of the Executive Board, is proud to share: “Whether it’s the engineers, chemists, technicians, sales team, customer service staff or marketing specialists: our customers and their needs are at the heart of everything our experts do. When you buy from MOTOREX, you are sure to find the perfect product for every lubrication application within our wide range.”

The lynx: a creature with fantastic hearing, vision and sense of smell. Nature’s paragon of strength and agility. With its innovative measurement and control technology, MOTOREX FLUIDLYNX distils these very qualities into intelligent cooling lubricant automation. “Water-mixed coolants can be analysed continuously at interval cycles of 1 to 99 minutes, because the more regularly measurements are taken, the tighter the control loop,” states Marti. “The brain of fluid automation is FLUIDLYNX, developed by MOTOREX - available as FLUIDLYNX Single for one machine or FLUIDLYNX Multi for up to six machines.” The secret to success lies in innovative sensors. While most conventional systems determine the measured values using an optical lens, FLUIDLYNX relies on innovative sensor technology. These are the sensory organs, so to speak, and unlike optical systems (risk of contamination), they work reliably, quickly and accurately. The technology was developed and built in collaboration with partners in Switzerland and successfully tested in practice for two years.

Thanks to its compact design, FLUIDLYNX can also be easily added to existing systems. It can be installed without having to shut down the machine. Quick and accurate measuring results are shown on the display and can be viewed Online at any time. The automation of fluid management not only reduces coolant consumption through continuous dosing, but also improves process reliability. MOTOREX offers everything you need, all in one place: from high-quality processing fluids to the user-friendly software/app, to the FLUIDLYNX portfolio for measuring, mixing, dosing and maintenance. This eliminates the need for physical contact with the cooling lubricant almost entirely and further improves occupational safety. “We want to reduce the amount of contact between people and the fluids as much as we possibly can,” states Marti. MOTOREX FLUIDLYNX anticipates the future, thereby making a valuable contribution to efficient, safe and sustainable manufacturing programmes.

Thanks to consistent quality assurance at every level of the company, MOTOREX wins the trust of its customers with high-quality products and services. The state-of-the-art MOTOREX laboratory monitors the quality of the raw materials and, thanks to the in-depth research and development carried out there, provides the company with a leading edge when it comes to expertise. MOTOREX is growing, both within Switzerland and on the international stage. In 2020, around 60 percent of the products manufactured in Langenthal were sold outside of Switzerland. This is made possible by 130 sales partners specialising in different customer segments, who bring their knowledge of the products and industry to 93 countries, and our own sales organisations in Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, the USA and China.

Issues such as sustainability and independence feature among the fundamental values of the family-run company, which has been in business for more than 100 years: “We factor the needs of our customers, employees, the environment and society – as well as the company’s economic sustainability – into everything we do. Biodegradable products have been a strategic pillar for decades. In 2021, the independent institute EcoVadis once again awarded us a silver medal in our corporate social responsibility certification. We have worked with the energy agency EnAw on a voluntary basis for many years to optimise our internal energy and CO2 balance.”

Another key to success is the strong research and development team working in laboratories in Switzerland, Poland and France. In these areas, MOTOREX makes a point of working closely with OEMs (including machine tool manufacturers), motorsport teams, universities and selected suppliers. Sustainability is also a top priority at MOTOREX: “The FLUIDLYNX system solution allows us to offer our customers the entire coolant management process,” says Marti. “We are developing a complete solution according to the Industry 4.0 principle. This means that the coolants are used for longer, but the carrying, retrieval, processing of automatic orders, service, disposal and treatment are also affected. MOTOREX thus addresses the entire process, optimising it in an ecologically sound way.”

Marti considers the biggest change of the last 20 years to be the regulation of the use of chemicals in coolants. Consequently, the products had to be continuously updated to meet the regulations that were in place. “Companies’ recognition of the importance of measuring and regulating cooling lubricants is another aspect that has certainly changed. However, many things continue to be done manually even today - and unfortunately often without the required consistency.” In addition to its core lubrication technology business, MOTOREX has therefore developed solutions to facilitate complete cooling lubricant management for its customers in future.

Social media channels like LinkedIn are also growing in importance: “Especially in industry, the relevant contacts are active on social media. So, in addition to print communications and trade fairs, which are a must in industry, we will also be increasingly investing in digital media.” There is no lack of exciting content. For instance, MOTOREX has worked closely with motorsport manufacturers and racing teams for a number of years to provide professionals and amateurs with the best products and up-to-date expertise. Drivers and teams using MOTOREX lubricants have won over 100 FIM (International Motorcycling Federation) world championship titles.

Thanks to the innovative measurement and control technology offered by FLUIDLYNX, intelligent coolant automation has finally been made reality: “The solutions are able to measure the following values: pH-value, electrical conductivity, odour, fungi and bacteria, temperature, viscosity and purity. All of this is documented for your quality assurance,” Marti concludes. But that’s not all: “We have other innovative ideas in the same vein as this, which we will implement over the next few years.”

How industrial enterprises can benefit from FLUIDLYNX

  • Measuring by hand is a thing of the past – MOTOREX FLUIDLYNX is the future.
  • Using the FLUIDLYNX solution ensures 24/7 process security
  • It can be controlled from the customer's premises via desktop and mobile or controlled remotely.
  • Water-mixed coolants can be continuously analysed and dispensed at interval cycles of 1 to 99 minutes.
  • As the brain of fluid automation, FLUIDLYNX is available in two variants for individual and central systems – as FLUIDLYNX Single for one machine or FLUIDLYNX Multi for up to six machines.
  • Resource savings in the context of coolant control are quickly achieved thanks to automatic filling, dosing, measurement and analysis. Until now, many functions were performed manually.
  • Examples of the economic benefits are the savings on cooling lubricants and resources as well as service life extensions.
  • It also offers environmental benefits and improved employee safety.
  • All products have been developed and manufactured in Switzerland.
  • MOTOREX offers customers everything they need, from lubricant to sensor technology to analytics, all in one place.


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