Electrifying news from Langenthal: PIERER Mobility Group is expanding its long-standing partnership with us to now include e-bikes. As part of this global collaboration, we will apply our expertise in lubrication technology and care products to the HUSQVARNA, GASGAS E-Bicycles and R Raymon brands. The MOTOREX BIKE LINE is the go-to solution for all three of these manufacturers, and here’s why: As “Bikes’ Best Buddies” (our slogan), our lubricants and care products help ensure that zero-emission two wheelers perform flawlessly, enabling customers to enjoy long-lasting riding pleasure. What’s more, PIERER Mobility were highly impressed by our quickly biodegradable products and their excellent environmental compatibility.

MOTOREX and PIERER Mobility Group already have a long-standing partnership in the motorcycle sector: We are the official lubricant partner of motorcycle manufacturers KTM, HUSQVARNA and GASGAS and as such supporting them in their successful involvement in national and international motorsports disciplines – from MotoGP, Motocross, Enduro and Trial to Rally Raid.

As Europe’s leading manufacturer of powered two-wheelers (PTWs), PIERER Mobility Group is also well-positioned when it comes to bicycle-based e-mobility. PIERER Group offers a wide range of zero-emission, electrically assisted two-wheeled vehicles for all market segments through its HUSQVARNA, GASGAS E-Bicycles and R Raymon brands. Each of these manufacturers now relies on MOTOREX lubricants as standard.

No matter whether you use your bike for Trekking, All Mountain, Enduro, Cross Country, Trail Cross or Road Cycling, the impressive BIKE LINE is the ideal solution for heavily used racing bicycles, mountain bikes and bikes for everyday use, as well as pedelecs and e-bikes. The care products and lubricants in each of the four CLEAN, CARE, LUBE and WORKSHOP product categories combine world-class quality with exceptional corrosion and wear protection, and ensure a long-lasting shine. This underscores our claim of being “Bikes' Best Buddies”; as a Swiss company, we want to position our BIKE LINE as every bike’s and rider’s ideal partner. The certified eco-labels on the containers attest to the exemplary environmental compatibility of BIKE LINE products.