Flush instead of change - The interview to the film: We asked Michele Snozzi, owner and managing director of Sternen-Garage, what made him so enthusiastic about the MOTOREX oil change concept. 

He was spontaneously won over by the DYNCO's self-explanatory operation and ease of use. Mr. Snozzi had already used our oil change device on a daily basis for a longer period of time as a loan. So his employees were also able to get to know our DYNCO. The Sternen-Garage team unanimously agrees: The DYNCO is self-explanatory, as easy to use as an iPhone and a really good story.

Precise damping calculations led to the purchase decision at Sternen-Garage. The business needs to be of a certain size to make the use of the device profitable. At the Sternen-Garage, this amounts to ten to twenty passes per month, making the purchase of a DYNCO a lucrative business, according to Michele Snozzi. He can easily start the DYNCO, «run away», and devote himself to another job. A warning tone alerts the operator to the need to perform another operation on the machine. The time saved and the consistently high quality of the oil change were resounding enough arguments for him to decide in favour of the DYNCO.

Fortunately, he says, he can already work with this device on loan, because otherwise he could hardly wait for the delivery of his DYNCO in January.

We would like to sincerely thank Michele Snozzi for the great film set and the words of praise he found for the MOTOREX oil change concept.  


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