Aqua Jet AG, based in Wangen SZ, is a manufacturer of systems for the production of disinfectants for various industrial and commercial applications used in such areas as the food industry, livestock farming and water treatment. The company’s core technology is the production of a PH-neutral hypochlorous acid (HOCL) by means of membrane cells electrolysis. A highly effective disinfectant for hands, water and surfaces is produced from table salt and water.

The aim of the cooperation is to establish this disinfectant on a broader market under the name MOTOREX UNICID AQUA.

MOTOREX UNICID AQUA provides numerous benefits as compared to conventional disinfectants containing ethanol. It is particularly gentle on the skin, offers traceless compatibility with perspex and all types of plastics. Furthermore, it is water-based and therefore non-flammable, non-labelled (not hazardous), and is not subject to any special regulations relating to transportation or storage. MOTOREX UNICID AQUA has been approved by the FOPH for a very wide range of applications. When it comes to surface disinfection, MOTOREX UNICID AQUA is especially advantageous where large areas and rooms require regular disinfection, such as in vehicle interiors (vehicles in service, public transport, rental vehicles), hotels, restaurants and offices. Application devices are also offered which ensure fast, simple, highly effective and inexpensive disinfection. In the area of hand disinfection, the product allows very frequent use without skin irritation – something that is greatly appreciated by nursing and therapy staff as well as when used by children.

Since only Swiss salt, water and electricity (100 % hydroelectric power) are required for the production of MOTOREX UNICID AQUA, its carbon footprint is much lower than that of disinfectants containing ethanol.

MOTOREX and AquaJet AG are entering into a partnership in order to accelerate further development of the technology and products and to boost awareness and distribution of the disinfectant under the name MOTOREX UNICID AQUA.

MOTOREX is a Swiss family-owned company that operates internationally and has its headquarters in Langenthal (BE). The company specialises in the development and manufacture of technical chemical products such as lubricants, cleaning and care products.

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