Fresh look, authentic claim: tried and tested MOTOREX BIKE LINE stands out as "BIKES BEST BUDDIES". Selection of high-quality care products and lubricants for bicycles offers the right product whatever the requirement

  • Completely revamped look with new authentic motto: MOTOREX is positioning BIKE LINE products as «Bikes Best Buddies»
  • Distinctive colour code assigns each product to one of four categories – CLEAN, CARE, LUBE and WORKSHOP
  • Eco labels BIO DEGRADABLE, BIO OECD 301 B and BIO OECD 302 emphasise the high environmental compatibility of the products and the MOTOREX strategic focus

More and more people are riding bikes these days – for everyday use, for fitness and recreation, or as a sporting pastime. To make it easier for bikers and recreational cyclists to find the right products for their bikes, MOTOREX has redesigned its successful BIKE LINE for greater clarity and now provides even clearer user instructions. MOTOREX has now added something quite new: the Swiss company is positioning its BIKE LINE products as “Bikes Best Buddies”. The premium quality of its range of care products and lubricants remains unbeatable and is the ideal solution to meet the tough demands placed on heavily used mountain bikes, racing and everyday bicycles, pedelecs and e-bikes. It also emphasises the MOTOREX claim: “Because you push your bike to the limit.” Prominently displayed eco labels have now been added to place the focus clearly on the high environmental compatibility of the products.

With immediate effect, consumers will be able to see at a glance which products are most suitable for cleaning, maintaining, lubricating and assembling their bicycles and in what order they are to be used: MOTOREX has now identified each of the BIKE LINE containers with a unique colour code and the corresponding number. The cleaning agents in the CLEAN series, for example, are identified by means of a "1" on a light blue background. The "2" on an orange label stands for the CARE series, while the combination of a "3" on a red background indicates a product from the LUBE series. With white lettering and an anthracite background, the specific purpose of the lubricating greases and assembly compounds of the WORKSHOP series is also immediately recognisable.

CLEAN products with a new look

To get a bike really clean again in no time after a long tour, the CLEAN products from MOTOREX are always the first choice for demanding cyclists. Like all the containers in the redesigned BIKE LINE, they look good with distinctive photos, updated logos and self-explanatory icons to indicate the specific area of application. In addition to the BIKE CLEAN and BIKE QUICK CLEAN cleaners, the redesigned portfolio also includes the BIKE CHAIN DEGREASER, which used to be known as MOTOREX EASY CLEAN and is now being marketed under its new name.

The CARE series from MOTOREX, which has also been given a facelift, includes BIKE SHINE SPRAY. This freshens up colours, gives the bicycle a high gloss shine and is also water-repellent due to its beading effect. In addition to that, its anti-static formula repels dust, making it ideal for conserving bicycles that are not used on a regular basis – such as bicycles on display in the showroom.

MOTOREX LUBE series offers high-quality lubricants for every application

Anyone who rides a bike on a regular basis knows that a well lubricated chain is worth its weight in gold. It reduces the muscular effort required when pedalling and extends the life of the chain. In this case again, with its BIKE LINE, MOTOREX has the ideal portfolio of products for every application. With immediate effect, all three lubricants in the redesigned LUBE series – which are available both as a spray in 300-millilitre cans and in 100-millilitre bottles – have a new name. The chain lubricant previously known as DRY POWER is now called MOTOREX CHAINLUBE FOR DRY CONDITIONS. The name says it all: the biodegradable, fully synthetic oil-wax-based lubricant is ideal for dry, dusty conditions. It protects the chain against dirt and dust, provides excellent corrosion and wear protection and reduces abrasion. CHAINLUBE FOR WET CONDITIONS replaces the previous WET PROTECT and, as a result of its excellent adhesion properties, shows off its strengths particularly well in wet conditions. MOTOREX CITY LUBE is now being marketed as CHAINLUBE ALLROUND. The experts from Langenthal designed this universal chain lubricant to meet the high demands of high-torque electric drivetrains. It protects chains, sprockets and cassette from excessive wear and reduces chain noise. The lubricant was also developed to meet the demands of everyday bicycle use.

WORKSHOP: ideal products for lubricating headset, bottom bracket etc.

The redesigned BIKE LINE has been rounded off with the addition of three more aides from the practical WORKSHOP series, which no workshop or bicycle repair shop should be without: the two lubricating greases WHITE GREASE and BIKE GREASE – formerly BIKE GREASE 2000 – are ideal for bearings, joints and headset, etc. Both impress with wear-reducing properties, long-lasting lubrication performance and high resistance to aging. As a result of their outstanding resistance to steam and water, they also withstand rigorous cleaning efforts and provide reliable lubrication. Last but not least, MOTOREX CARBON PASTE is recommended as the perfect compound for assembling carbon and aluminium parts, such as seat posts, pedals and stems.

Eco labels BIO DEGRADABLE, BIO OECD 301 B and BIO OECD 302: MOTOREX is emphasising the environmental compatibility of its products

In typical MOTOREX fashion, the completely redesigned BIKE LINE goes one step further with exemplary environmental compatibility. This is made evident with eco labels prominently displayed on the containers. This can best be seen with the BIO OECD 301 B label of the OECD 301 (A-F) test series, which identifies products that are more than 60 per cent biodegradable within 28 days under natural conditions in the presence of oxygen. The same goes for the BIO OECD 302 label which identifies water-soluble, non-volatile, filterable substances that are biodegradable or potentially biodegradable.