If you want perfectly groomed ski slopes, you need reliable a snow groomer. One that can withstand extreme stress. A new gear oil from MOTOREX enables these vehicles to unleash their full potential whilst also reducing wear.

They work at temperatures of minus 30 degrees and in damp, snowy fog. They move tons of snow and have to be able to cope with steep terrains. Their rear drives are subjected to extreme loads. Snow groomers deliver maximum performance so that we can enjoy manicured slopes and perfectly shaped halfpipes.

Redeveloping a classic
MOTOREX has developed a new, fully synthetic gear oil that meets these high requirements and offers improved characteristics. The new ALPINE PRO 220 gear oil is a further development of the classic ALPINE TOP PAO 220. The process involved preparing many kilometres of slopes, explains Markus Damm, Manager of the ALPINE LINE product line at MOTOREX: «The lubricant has been extensively tested in various ski resorts over the past two winter seasons. We gained a lot of information about wear, oil load and service life.» Snow groomers at ski resorts in Austria and Switzerland were filled with the oil, with samples taken regularly. These samples were then examined and optimised by MOTOREX experts at the Langenthal laboratory.

Reduced wear at maximum load
The results speak for themselves. ALPINE PRO 220 is fortified with a special combination of anti-wear additives. These additives are oil-soluble substances that are added to lubricants to achieve and optimise the desired characteristics. Their chemical and physical effects can change factors such as the viscosity-temperature behaviour, flow, formation of foam and cleaning power. «ALPINE PRO 220’s new technology reduces wear and tear, thereby ensuring a long service life,» explains Product Manager Damm. «The new gear oil guarantees excellent wear protection, even under heavy loads.» Further benefits include an extremely broad temperature range and excellent hydrolysis stability. «The oil provides maximum protection for the gears, bearings and brake discs,» says Damm. «Temperatures down to minus 50 degrees are no problem, likewise damp environments caused by factors such as snowy fog.»

Solution to a common problem
ALPINE PRO 220 has been specially developed for use in the rear drives, transfer gearboxes and winch gears of snow groomers. «The lubricant meets the requirements associated with everyday use. These include high pressure, a wide range of operating temperatures, condensation and the brake discs running through the oil,» says Damm. ALPINE PRO 220 thereby tackles a common problem: the extreme strain on the rear drives of snow groomers. «We cannot lubricate at random here, as otherwise the parking brake would no longer work on steep terrain. That’s why a specialist gear oil is needed – and that’s exactly what the new ALPINE PRO 220 is.» 

Part of the ALPINE LINE
With all of its benefits combined, ALPINE PRO 220 fits perfectly into MOTOREX’s ALPINE LINE product line. All of the lubrication requirements associated with the Alpine infrastructure are covered by the extremely wide-ranging ALPINE LINE product portfolio. All of the products required for lubrication operation and maintenance are coordinated with one another and are available from a single source, simplifying purchasing and logistics processes. As with all MOTOREX product lines, customers are also provided with expert advice and analysis services from dedicated specialists for Alpine applications.