From Switzerland to Burkina Faso, Tanzania or Madagascar - give your old bike a second life. Velafrica supports the promotion of mobility, jobs and vocational training in Africa. And MOTOREX helps out with it’s BIKE LINE products.

But MOTOREX does not only support the project with it’s BIKE LINE products as well as funds but also helps with a call for the bicycle collection campaign around the World Bike Day. The goal is to collect 3000 bicycles for the «Bike to School» program together with the approximately 400 collection points throughout Switzerland. In doing so, MOTOREX employees will also be made aware of the possibility to give their old, damaged or unused bicycles a second life in Africa instead of disposing of them.

Simplifying school routes and enabling independency
For Swiss schoolchildren, the journey from the front door to the classroom takes around twelve minutes. The situation is completely different in the regions of sub-Saharan Africa: On the way during long two hours, the children encounter numerous dangers, miss lessons or are already very exhausted after arrival. Velafrica provides the students with recycled bicycles from Switzerland to make the arduous journey to school easier. The bicycles donated in Switzerland are repaired, maintained and then exported to Africa.

In addition, young people have the opportunity to be trained as bicycle mechanics at Velafrica partner centers. The products from the MOTOREX BIKE LINE are used here. The apprentices learn the trade from trained instructors. This includes the process of maintenance, cleaning and repair.

Participation overwhelms
Velafrica works with over 400 collection points in Switzerland. Thus, every bicycle enthusiast can register the handover of his beloved two-wheeler via the website and say goodbye to it at the drop-off point near him. Outside of Switzerland, the project can be supported with donations as well.


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