A new start at MOTOREX - an opportunity that Patrick Noti seized. Follow the inspiring story of his reintegration into the employment market.

Patrick, how did you come to SANTIS and what was your path and start at MOTOREX?
Two and a half years ago, I had a disc operation. I was then registered with the IV due to my inability to work. SANTIS helped me get started with my reintegration. At SANTIS I spent half a year in a so-called work training. This is a network of fictitious companies in Switzerland that trade artificially with each other. The point of it is to give people like me the opportunity to get back into the working world. They support me in setting up in different areas. That's how I learned to deal with my prosthesis, organized my daily routine and was eventually prepared for the real working world again. Then, when I felt ready to face the job market, MOTOREX was the first thing that came to mind. Every day, when I stepped out of the doors of SANTIS, I saw Einstein's portrait hanging as a piece of art on the façade of MOTOREX. I plucked up the courage and applied for a work trial on my own initiative. For me, it was a chance to put my training to the test, and at the same time to reorient myself and get a taste of office life.

Silke (Head of Supply Chain Planning, MOTOREX), you accompanied Patrick on his way, how did this collaboration come about?
At the time, we had a staff shortage in the master data department. We were looking for someone who could give us a hand and Patrick's application came in just at the right time. It was the first attempt to work together with SANTIS. Today, however, we can say that the experience on both sides was so good that we can accompany such a project again.

How was the cooperation and what were the challenges?
I got a lot of support - on the one hand from Silke, who always had an open ear for my concerns, and on the other hand I was always considered a complete member by the company and by my team. At the beginning, I had difficulties with my self-confidence and doubts as to whether I could hold my own in the primary labor market. However, Silke gave me encouragement and strengthened my back. Our cooperation harmonized from the very first day. I also got along well with the team and, thanks to open communication, no conflicts arose. From day one, I was placed alongside the employees and never considered an appendage.

The time was very intense and always brought new challenges. I started with a 60 % workload and increased the employment level in a period of six months. The hardest time (physically, concentration) was when the step followed to start again in the afternoon after working only in the morning. If something did not work as planned, we took a step back and tried again with even more ambition. In the end, I always thanked Silke, because the result was often to our satisfaction. I worried for nothing. It was all the more enjoyable to take the individual steps towards success and now, looking back, to reflect on the whole development and positive experiences.

Silke, how did you experience this time?
It was a fulfilling feeling when Patrick approached me and asked if he could apply for the internal vacancy as a store employee. Of course, I was happy to be able to accompany him in this step. It was a chance for us to get some initial unbiased feedback. For me, it was very important that this step was taken on my own initiative, just like the first time. In this way, we were able to ensure that Patrick was able to prove himself against competitors on his own initiative and that the decision was therefore consciously made in his favor. The success of our work attempt was then confirmed to us when Patrick was promised the job.

Patrick, where are you today and what are your next steps?
As of April 2021, I am now officially no longer in the SANTIS program and newly in the MOTOREX shop team. I have fully arrived in the job market. I am very grateful that MOTOREX has accepted me well. In the meantime, I have settled in so much that I feel very comfortable here

One positive side effect of this project is definitely that the master data department now works more closely with the store and sales teams. The fact that the departmental boundary has disappeared somewhat gives us all the opportunity to exchange ideas more flexibly than before.

MOTOREX has received the Ibex Oscar from SANTIS. What is it?
Mrs. Widmer, our supervisor from SANTIS gave us the Oscar at the final meeting of the work trial. It is a sign of successful reintegration and a thank you for the opportunity that MOTOREX offers those affected. A symbol which, in our view, is desirable for many companies.         

Companies must not be afraid to accept such an opportunity. People often have a negative association when they hear the word «work attempt», but that is not the case at all. It's a take and give, because the bottom line is that it benefits both sides. One can only recommend it to every company to face up to it.

Patrick, what advice would you like to give to those affected?
Never bury your head in the sand and believe in yourself. There is always an open door to get back to a regular life if you really want to. You just have to have the will and the confidence in it.


Patrick is 33 years old, married and has three children. He graduated from business school and later worked in retail. As a passionate motorcyclist, he will be happy to advise you personally in our MOTOREX SHOP in Langenthal BE.

- Thank you, Patrick, for sharing your story with us.