Welcome to MOTOREX – a world of opportunities. As an international company, we don’t just offer innovative products – we also provide an inspiring work environment. But being part of MOTOREX is about more than just work – it’s about harnessing passion, fostering team spirit and pursuing continuous growth to shape a real success story together with us. MOTOREX develops and produces high-quality lubricants and care products that keep high-performance machines and vehicles running smoothly. An international Swiss company with around 400 employees, MOTOREX maintains its own research and development centre in Switzerland, as well as several production facilities throughout Europe and the USA.


Opportunities and advantages


  • Gifts on special occasions 
  • Free parking
  • Support with retirement planning
  • Attractive discounts in the factory shop
  • Perks when you buy a new car 
  • Special rates and promotions with selected partners
  • Tickets for various sporting events and trade fairs
  • “We pay fair”



  • Daily sickness benefits provided in full 
  • Subsidised membership at selected gyms



  • Sustainable, family-run company


  • Option to work part-time and start-of-the art time recording system
  • Possibility to take unpaid leave
  • Excellent public transport connections



  • Varied career opportunities and the possibility to switch roles within the company
  • In-house training courses
  • Contribution towards costs of training (training days, assumption of costs)



  • Communal break rooms
  • Company events and barbecues
  • Support for social projects (foundation)
  • Retired colleagues remain part of company life
  • Diversity enriches our corporate culture



Why not come and take a look around?

The office is a space for encounters, creativity and teamwork. It’s where people with different backgrounds, ideas and skills come together to work towards goals and drive innovation.

Our shared green success stories are about uplifting others during the unfold and at the end, with everyone giving their best through commitment as well as excellence, sharing and combining their skills as well as passions.

Search our job opportunities

Time for a new challenge. MOTOREX offers roles in a wide range of fields. Don’t delay – join our successful team and start your career journey with MOTOREX.



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