Environment-related requirements are increasing across all industries – but at the same time, efficiency and cost-effectiveness also need to be continuously optimised. The high-performance biodegradable hydraulic oils (environmentally acceptable lubricants – EAL) from MOTOREX make it safe and easy to switch to an environmentally friendly option – without compromising on performance. Changing from a standard hydraulic oil to the new ECOSYNT HEPR is easy, which is just one of the benefits of ECOSYNT hydraulic fluids, along with the extended service life offered by ECOSYNT HEES (up to five times longer than standard).

Recording the customer’s machinery fleet and individual requirements

Laboratory analysis and monitoring the operating fluids used

Technical support and guidance from our experts


Bacteria, heat and oxygen all have an impact on the biodegradation process. The fragments of starting material ultimately need to be broken down into water, carbon dioxide and biomass. THE OECD test, unlike its CEC-L-33-A-93 or CEC-L-103-12 counterparts, analyses the complete breakdown of lubricants into harmless starting molecules. All ECOSYNT hydraulic oils meet or even exceed the minimum requirements of OECD 301 B and are therefore quickly and completely biodegradable.

Our products

Our product range includes application-specific hydraulic oils. The main products are rigorously standardised in line with regulations such as DIN 51524 (for hydraulic oils), DIN ISO 15380 (environmentally acceptable hydraulic fluids) and OECD 301 (A to F; for biodegradability). We can help guide you on the way to a greener future.