Sustainability under the Spotlight at MOTOREX

At MOTOREX, sustainability is at the core of our company philosophy. As a renowned manufacturer of technical lubricants and fluids, we provide innovative solutions that guarantee both efficient performance and environmental friendliness. In this context, we would like to present our biodegradable hydraulic oils (environmentally acceptable lubricants – EAL). ECOSYNT HEPR is a groundbreaking innovation that minimizes environmental impact. The biodegradable hydraulic oil takes all of your machines’ requirements in its stride without compromising on performance.

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Why Choose Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil?

Reducing environmental impact:
Using biodegradable hydraulic oils helps to reduce environmental impact. Traditional mineral oil-based hydraulic oils can cause ground and water pollution if they leak, as they do not break down easily. MOTOREX’s biodegradable hydraulic oils, on the other hand, do not harm the environment and exceed minimum OECD test requirements. These guidelines stipulate that lubricants must break down into nonhazardous starting molecules.

Compliance with environmental regulations:
By using biodegradable hydraulic oils, you will stay one step ahead of ever stricter environmental regulations and guidelines.

Advantages of Biodegradable Hydraulic Oils

Outstanding performance
MOTOREX has developed a range of biodegradable hydraulic oils which offer outstanding performance as well as environmentally friendly characteristics. Our advanced formulas guarantee the best lubrication to keep your machines running smoothly.

Long-term stability
Our biodegradable hydraulic oils are designed to provide a long service life. They are exceptionally stable and resistant to oxidation, meaning the oil does not have to be changed as frequently and reduced operating costs.

Our biodegradable hydraulic oils are suitable for a variety of different applications. Ranging from agriculture and construction to industry – you are sure to find a reliable lubricant for a wide range of machines.

Key Questions about Biodegradable Hydraulic Oils

How is biodegradable hydraulic oil made?
Some biodegradable hydraulic oils are made from renewable raw materials, such as vegetable oils or synthetic esters. These raw materials are converted into high-quality lubricants by chemical reactions. Other biodegradable hydraulic oils are based on highly pure synthetic hydrocarbons, which are nevertheless still biodegradable, and which are processed into hydraulic oil.

Are biodegradable hydraulic oils as efficient as traditional mineral oil-based hydraulic oils?
Yes, MOTOREX’s biodegradable hydraulic oils provide a similarly reliable level of lubrication and efficiency as traditional mineral oil-based hydraulic oils. Using advanced additive technologies and carefully selected base oils, they guarantee optimal lubrication and reliable operation of your machines – with no compromises or performance trade-offs. Using biodegradable hydraulic oils means that maintenance does not have to be performed as often, lowering overall operating costs compared to mineral oil-based hydraulic oils.

How long does biodegradable hydraulic oil take to break down?
Bacteria, heat, and oxygen all have an impact on the biodegradation process. Accordingly, the time it takes for different biodegradable hydraulic oils to break down depends on the environmental conditions and specific characteristics of the oil used. They do, however, break down faster than traditional mineral oil-based hydraulic oils. The biodegradability is certified to the internationally accepted standard OECD 301 B. To be approved for this standard, at least 60% of the oil must break down within 28 days.

Are MOTOREX’s biodegradable hydraulic oils safe for the environment?
Yes, MOTOREX’s biodegradable hydraulic oils meet strict environmental requirements and safety standards. They do not contain any harmful substances and were developed to minimize their impact on the environment.

Our Biodegradable Products

The MOTOREX product range includes numerous application-specific hydraulic oils. All our hydraulic oils exceed the minimum requirements of OCDE 301 B and therefore biodegrade easily. Our main products are rigorously standardized in line with regulations such as DIN 51524 (for hydraulic oils), DIN ISO 15380 (environmentally acceptable hydraulic fluids), and OECD 301 (A to F; for biodegradability).

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