Excellence in sustainability

Sustainability and independence are two of the values at the core of our family-run business, which has a history stretching back over 100 years. We factor the needs of our customers, employees, the environment and society – as well as the company’s economic sustainability – into everything we do. We have been ISO-certified since 1992 and bio degradable products have been one of our strategic pillars for decades. In 2023, the independent institute EcoVadis awarded us a bronze medal in our sustainability certification. We have also been working voluntarily with the energy agency EnAw for many years now in an eff ort to optimise our internal energy and CO2 balance.


We actively promote the use of sustainable basic raw materials and are always working on optimising service life, frictional resistance and lubricating performance.

We are committed to upholding the highest standards in terms of working conditions, welfare and safety. Recognition, non-discriminatory equal opportunities, initiative and personal development are top priorities.

We offer a wide and growing range of biodegradable products that meet OCDE 301 B standards. We are increasingly using regenerative raw materials and recycling used oils and packaging material. Service intervals are extended by means of monitoring, analytics and maintenance.

Most of the raw materials supplied to our production facility in Langenthal are delivered by rail or combined transport. We use solar power that we have generated ourselves.

State-of-the-art additives help us reduce friction losses and save fuel, while heat recovery systems enable us to cut down the amount of energy used in production.



"BIO degradable" basically means that a product can be degraded by microorganisms. Biodegradable products with the OECD test series 301 (A - F) seal biodegrade completely and rapidly under natural conditions with oxygen.


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